• Industrial safety

    The industrial safety expert revision is conducted to assess the risk of accidents and to extend the safe operating time of the equipment.

  • Technical devices operation must be performed in accordance with the industrial safety rules

    Rostehnadzor is empowered to oversee the equipment used at dangerous objects which are subject to the TR Custom Union

  • Customs Union Technical Regulations

    Certification Body "Teсhno-standart" is accredited for the above mentioned Technical Regulations of the Customs Union and issues certificates and declarations of the Customs Union Technical Regulations

  • Technical regulations of the Customs Union on Electrical and Mechanical Engineering entered into force on February 15, 2013

    Certificates / declarations issued earlier will be valid until March 15, 2015

  • Acceptance and certification tests

    Techno-standart has own certified Non-Destructive Testing laboratory

Welcome to «Techno-Standart»

Scientific and Technical Centre «Techno-Standart» – an expert organization providing a full range of professional services in the sphere of product’s certification and industrial safety. Techno-Standart is a member of the Chamber of commerce and industry of the Russian Federation and High-Tech guild.

Techno-Standart offers your clients the most effective decisions in the sphere of certification and industrial safety with the minimum terms and financial expenses, due to huge practical experience, wide range of the certified products, presence of regular experts and reliable partnership with the leading test laboratories. More about us.




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Thousands or Russian and foreign manufacturers has already been cooperating with us.

We successfully completed more than 10 000 certification and industrial safety projects in various industries

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Today, our professional team is more than 50 full-time experts and specialists on product certification, industrial safety, diagnostics, technical file development, inspectors and auditors.

Each employee has a lot of experience in working with leading Russian and foreign companies under their belts.

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Tehno-Standart is the reliable partner for many large Russian and foreign producers of various industries.


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Providing with services of certification and industrial safety we support quality goods circulation, economic growth, social stability, prosperity and progress caring about personal, partners, clients and society.

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Techno-standart has a reputation as a professional expert organization that works in sphere of certification of production, industrial safety and quality management systems in Russian Market.


To make a process of certification easy and clearly for EC countries and other World.


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